Life is a random thing. You can and don’t have control over some things. Its an adventure you create and then it creates you. How you play depends first on what you are and then how you have become. Sometimes, it’s a curse that you can and can’t do something about your situation. No matter how you want to turn things the way you want it to be, it doesn’t always happen that way, because life is full of surprises.

Life is beautiful and so are the adventures that come with it. No matter how you decipher life, you just can’t. Because it doesn’t reveal itself to you its totality. It gives you pieces, just like a puzzle. You only get to see the whole picture and solve the puzzle when you’re already in the autumn of your life (I suppose). Why does it have to be that way? Why can’t we see things in advance to avoid misfortune? Well, I suppose, if we see ahead, if we can predict our future, then the adventure of life is lost; life will be devoid of its beauty and mystery.

So let’s just enjoy the randomness of life – our life!

                                                            – by wb


Article and Image © Copyright 2017, WistfulBard


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